Issuance of certificate of capacity of construction organization

Issuing capacity certificate of construction organization of grades 1,2,3 at the Ministry of Construction and Department of Construction in accordance with Decree 100/2018 / ND-CP and Circular 08/2018 / BXD. Service of certification of construction capability certification for prestigious works and quick procedures nationwide.

— Pursuant to Decree 100/2018 / ND-CP amending and supplementing a number of regulations on business investment conditions in the fields of state management of the Ministry of Construction;

— Based on the capacity conditions of organizing the construction of works according to Decree 59/2015 / ND-CP;

— Pursuant to Circular No. 08/2018 / TT-BXD guiding the granting of capacity certificates to organizations;

In order to save time, simplify administrative procedures of units, organizations and enterprises in the field of construction. accepts consulting services to issue construction capacity certificates of construction organizations nationwide as prescribed by the Ministry of Construction. Contact Hotline 0914.938.368 for advice direct advice.Capacity certificates of construction organizations include the following areas:

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— Construction of civil works.

— Construction of industrial works.

— Construction of technical infrastructure works.

— Construction of transport works (bridges, roads, tunnels).

— Construction of irrigation works (agriculture and rural development).

— Construction and installation of construction equipment (electrical works, telecommunications works, mechanical and electrical works, technological equipment, ventilation and air conditioning ….)

* Note: An agency, organization or enterprise may request a construction capacity certificate for one or more fields corresponding to different grades.

Dossier of application for a certificate of capacity of a construction organization:

— An application for a certificate of competency of a construction organization according to the form prescribed in Decree 100/2018.

— An original scanned copy of the business registration certificate of the enterprise or the decision to establish the organization.

— A sample declaration of experience, enclosed with a record on the pre-acceptance test of completed work by the construction organization in the latest time for each field related to the registered content- A declaration of the list of employees, the experience attached to the practicing certificate according to regulations, labor contracts of key individuals involved in construction activities.

Competence to issue construction activity capability certificates:

The Ministry of Construction shall grant construction operation capability certificates to grade-1 construction organizations, provincial-level Construction Services shall grant grade 2 and 3. construction performance certificates to certificates of validity of 10 years above. nationwide.Form of certificate of capacity of organization of construction of class 2.3 works:

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